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Addiction isn’t separate from your life—it is something that infiltrates and alters almost every aspect of your life. What you once held most dear may have slipped away, only to be replaced by the oppression that your substance abuse or addiction exerts on your life.

Your mind may be focused on obtaining and using drugs or alcohol, instead of the elements of your life that should matter most—your relationships, family, home, job, educational pursuits, and health.

Instead of checking on elderly family members in person or going to work, you find yourself making excuses to both and driving to a further gas station to purchase alcohol so no one will recognize you at 8 a.m. or stealing just a few of your spouse’s prescribed medications and hoping no one’s counting.

Overcoming Darkness, Women Finding Hope And Conquering Addiction Through Drug Rehab

Instead of finding joy or hope, you might be overcome by feelings of sadness, fear, disappointment, blame, resentment, anger, frustration, and loneliness. This gauntlet of emotions can be debilitating, and it can alter your perspective in a way that makes it hard to look forward.

That’s why we’re here. We understand how difficult addiction can be, and how it can shape and alter your life—it is something that no one should ever have to contend with on their own. What we also understand is this—there is hope. As simple as this statement is, it is one of the most powerful ones that can be uttered within the realm of addiction and addiction treatment.

You can find sobriety. You can overcome the pain and turmoil that drugs and alcohol have imposed on your life. With our help, you can work towards restoring your body and mind to an optimal state of wellness.

Find Peace From Within Through Addiction Treatment for Women

Our facility is located on 40 acres near metropolitan Dallas, Texas. This tranquil setting grants you the opportunity to step away from the demands and hurts of your life, so that you can renew, reinvigorate, and reinvest in your life. Our beautifully appointed lodgings offer you unparalleled comfort with amenities that will aid you in de-stressing so that you can focus your mind, heart, and energy on your pursuit of sobriety.

You will be steps away from a soothing outdoor setting, and if you choose, you can immerse yourself further in the wilderness of our expansive grounds. We know that this can be key in helping you detox not only your body but your mind. Take the time to reconnect with yourself and the natural world around you.

Drug Rehab Program Tailored To Women’s Needs

Every woman is different; each carries her own unique story and struggles. To successfully treat addiction, each person must be met on their level—their hopes, circumstances, and history must be engaged within the treatment process. It is this level of individualized care that garners the success that we’re so proud of.

Today, our lives are so varied—our responsibilities and ambitions are as distinct as each person that carries them—we want to help you not only overcome your addiction but to develop the skills and mindsets that can make you more adept at handling the specific demands of your life.

To better serve you, we offer gender-separated groups, programming, and lodging. Our women’s only inpatient drug and alcohol rehab groups will allow you to feel comfortable and at ease, while being surrounded by others that intimately understand your struggles and support your quest towards sobriety.

Even though you will have a women’s only facility and program, you will have access to all the modalities, therapies, and resources that our facility offers.

Our Program Offers Advanced Treatments For Women

Not all rehabilitation programs are the same. We employ only the most compassionate and highly-trained individuals within this field, allowing you access to the dynamic and exceptional care that is poised to both begin and support you on your journey towards sobriety.

We offer the following advanced spectrum of treatment modalities:

Rehabilitation is not a static thing. This awareness is crucial towards a successful program and at the forefront of Vertava Health Texas’ focus. We are constantly researching and educating our staff, that way we stay impassioned, trained, and adept at offering you or your family member the most diverse and thorough care.

Cleansing Your Body Through Our Program for Women’s Rehab

Drugs and alcohol take a massive toll on your body. This impact reverberates in a way that can decrease your mental, spiritual, and emotional health. For this reason, treatment needs to start by addressing the physical demands.

We offer detoxification services to cleanse your body safely, comfortably, and under supervision by our compassionate medical practitioners. We may, in some circumstances, use medication-assisted therapies to better ease this transition from toxicity, to wellness and sobriety.

Connecting You To Wellness Through Rehabilitation for Women

We invite you to immerse yourself in a program that is holistically minded so that you leave centered, and equipped with an arsenal of skills to further develop and protect your sober life.

Addiction is multi-faceted. To confront this head-on, we rely on numerous research-based therapeutic methods that can help you to uproot any negative and destructive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and replace them with positive and healthful ones.

Through these therapies, we will also teach you various stress management techniques and coping skills. When a person suffers from an addiction, they are often overrun with stress and surrounded by things—whether they be people, events, thoughts, or memories—that may trigger thoughts of substance use.

It is critical to master coping skills so that you can prevail over these moments, avoiding the possibility of relapse, and moving forward within your recovery.

Many times when a person suffers from an addiction, they are caught in a vicious cycle of self-medication. They may use drugs or alcohol seeking to relieve the symptoms and side-effects of certain circumstances or conditions, only to find that these substances further aggravate the very things you initially wanted to treat. For treatment to be successful, these conditions called co-occurring disorders must be treated. These include, but are not limited to depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and trauma.

Let our staff at Vertava Health Texas create and foster resilience in you, so that you may treat not just your addiction, but these additional needs.

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Getting Active In Women’s Rehab & Recovery

As you’ve balanced the demands of your life, whether it be motherhood, a spouse or partner, professionally, or within your community, you’ve likely set aside some of your goals, interests, ambitions, and consideration of self-care along the way, resulting in a lost sense of self. Enter addiction—now you’ve really pushed these things to the side.

Healing occurs on many levels. Vertava Health Texas supports you to develop a sense of individuality, positive emotions, and modes of self-care that help you to relieve stress and reconnect with yourself. These may include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Access to exercise equipment
  • Zip-lining
  • Outdoor activities
  • Creative endeavors and art therapy
  • Chef-prepared healthy cuisine to nurture your body

The introspection, courage, focus, pride, fulfillment, relaxation, and stimulation that comes from these venues will carry you forward into your recovery and life, creating a more balanced sense of self, so that you can set and achieve goals, hopes, and dreams within your new and sober life.

Aftercare Services For Women Following Addiction Treatment

Our care doesn’t stop after you complete our program—we know that recovery is a journey, one that requires continuous care, upkeep, and dedication. 

For this reason, we provide you with aftercare services that are attuned to the unique needs of a newly sober person. This support helps to remind you that sobriety matters, to renew your drive and ambition, nourish hope, and preserve the coping skills that you worked so hard to obtain.

At Vertava Health Texas, our recovery specialists will ensure that you stay on track and focused on your recovery. We do this by connecting you with rehab alumni and mentors, the latter at least twice monthly. We can also help you to develop and nurture roots within your recovery community, by connecting you to sponsors, peer fellowship programs, or other people that have succeeded on this same journey.

As a whole, this will better support you and your family in a wholesome, positive, and substance-free life.

Through Rehab Become A Strong And Sober Woman

Not only can we assist you in obtaining sobriety through our treatment program’s clinical excellence, but we will also help you to look inward to find the strength and perseverance residing within. We will help you to help yourself. Reclaim your life and contact Vertava Health Texas today at (888) 759-5073.