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Mental health care is a vital aspect of addiction treatment. To overcome addiction, a person must change how they think and act to develop a healthier lifestyle. This can be done through various therapies that nurture the mind and teach positive habits.

At Vertava Health, our team recognizes the importance of mental health care in Texas as part of an addiction treatment plan. Our individual counseling center in Texas is an ideal setting for people to heal from the underlying causes of their addiction. Learn more about psychotherapy for addiction treatment in Texas from our Vertava Health team today by calling 844.311.8395 or filling out our online form. 

Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Care

Mental health care in Texas as part of addiction treatment helps people change their way of thinking and make healthier life choices. It includes behavioral therapy, stress management, support groups, and other therapies that nurture the mind. They may also offer a range of therapies that focus on stress management and mental health.

Behavioral Therapy and Counseling

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) work to improve mental health in several ways. Behavioral therapy helps a person determine faulty thinking patterns that lead to harmful actions, like drug or alcohol use. It teaches coping skills, emotional regulation, and self-acceptance.Counseling allows the individual to work through issues related to substance use and addiction. This can include trauma and other past events that are unresolved.

People who are unable to cope with the stress of a negative experience may turn to substance use to feel better. Counseling helps them heal instead of avoiding difficult situations. It also allows someone to build a relationship with a therapist who can help them look at life differently. Talking to another person can bring relief and insight that encourages a positive outlook.

Experiential Therapies

Experiential therapies utilize experiences to help people connect with themselves, others, and the world around them. Yoga, guided meditation, and Tai Chi are experiential therapies that apply mindfulness as a coping technique. Mindfulness is a practice of staying in the present and being aware of the world, rather than stressing about the past or future. Art therapy and music therapy encourage self-expression and provide a creative outlet for stress. Wilderness therapy immerses people in nature, where they learn survival techniques and teamwork. Experiential therapies offer an alternative to substance use while also teaching stress management and life skills.

Recovery Support Groups

Many people who struggle with addiction feel alone. They may feel ashamed of seeking help or revealing to others what addiction has done to their lives. Isolation often leads to poor mental health, so recovery support groups provide a safe space for people to gather without judgment. These groups foster healthy relationships, allowing people to share their burdens and work together toward recovery.

Recovery support groups come in many formats that fit different individuals. Some are based on the 12 steps to recovery, which recognizes a higher power that has control over addiction. They may be religious, such as Celebrate Recovery or Refuge Recovery. They may also be science-based, like SMART Recovery.

Benefits of Mental Health Care in Texas

At Vertava Health, our individual therapy program in Texas can be very beneficial for those who are committed to their recovery.

Some of the benefits of our individual counseling program in Texas include:

  • Enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improving overall mental health
  • Acquiring healthy coping mechanisms
  • Identifying triggers that might cause relapse

Explore Mental Health Care in Texas at Vertava Health

If you or someone you care about might benefit from addiction treatment and psychiatric care in Texas, Vertava Health can help. Our comprehensive addiction treatment programs include a range of therapy options to prepare people for long-lasting recovery. Contact Vertava Health Texas today at 844.311.8395 or reach out to us online.