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La Marque, Texas Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options In La Marque, Texas

Addiction is a challenging disorder, and the best way to overcome it is with the help of professional addiction treatment. Addiction treatment options include outpatient and inpatient treatment care, such as what we offer at Vertava Health Texas. Finding a rehab center that offers individualized treatment ensures you enter a program that’s ideal for your situation, which may include any of the following.

 Detox Programs

A medical detox is the first step in the treatment process, helping you remove any drugs and alcohol from your body. This can trigger withdrawal, a physically and psychologically challenging process that can be quite dangerous. The safest way to get through withdrawal is to check into a professional, detox program that provides medical support for the days ahead. [middle-callout]

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

The most intensive option for addiction treatment is inpatient care. In an inpatient or residential setting, you can focus all of your time and energy on healing. You’ll also benefit from 24-hour supervision to prevent relapse. Inpatient treatment puts you into a community of peers also healing from addiction. They provide peer support that is invaluable during your stay. Inpatient care gives you more freedom to pursue several types of treatment techniques.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient care gives you the freedom to live at home and travel to a treatment center for therapy sessions. This works best for those people who have strong home support to help prevent relapse. It also helps to have reliable transportation and a mild addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is specialized for alcohol and opioid use disorders. This treatment, which is sometimes woven into inpatient and outpatient programs, combines behavioral therapy with FDA-approved medications to reduce cravings and dependence.

Aftercare Services

Re-entering normal life after completing addiction treatment is a challenging process, and many people need ongoing support during this initial adjustment period and beyond. Aftercare services connect graduates of addiction treatment programs with the community-based supports they can tap into when they face temptations. High-quality addiction treatment programs will include aftercare services.

Paying for Rehab

Most people pay for treatment with a combination of health insurance and out-of-pocket payments. If you’re insured, check with your treatment center or insurance provider to see what types of therapy are covered and what your out-of-pocket expenses may be. If you find those out-of-pocket expenses to be high, ask if the treatment center offers payment plans.

Substance Use Trends In La Marque And Galveston County, Texas

Drug and alcohol use continues to claim lives every single year in La Marque and the rest of Galveston County. The opioid crisis is a large part of this problem, as these numbers show:
  • In 2017, Galveston County had an opioid prescription rate of 70.5 per 100 people.
  • In 2017, the county reported 55 drug-related deaths.
  • This breaks down into a rate of 16.4 deaths per 100,000 residents
  • Galveston County ohad 11 centers providing substance use services in 2017.

Vertava Health Texas

Vertava Health Texas is about 275 miles north of La Marque, and it provides a beautiful setting for healing. A low patient-to-staff ratio ensures individualized attention as patients focus on changing their mindsets and behaviors. To learn more about the programs and services at Vertava Health Texas, contact us today.