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Bryan, Texas Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options In Bryan, Texas

Effective drug and alcohol treatment programs provide timely care with an individualized treatment plan. These programs are able to get you started on treatment as soon as possible, which is important for helping you stay away from drugs and alcohol. Individualized treatment plans ensure that you go through rehab getting the exact services you need for recovery. This starts with an assessment of your situation, which is then used to determine which particular services would fit best.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Drug and alcohol detox programs offer short-term care while you go through the withdrawal phase. During this phase, which occurs once you stop drinking or taking drugs, you may experience severe symptoms and cravings. Detox programs with medical monitoring or supervision help you deal with these effects in a safe manner. When you’re done with a detox program, you can begin a professional treatment program. [middle-callout]

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

As part of an inpatient program, you can expect to remain at a rehab center for the duration of your treatment. During this time, you’ll be in a place that has 24-hour supervision and plenty of professionals around, including doctors and therapists, to help you out. Inpatient programs include varying approaches to rehab, including behavioral therapy and other therapeutic services, life skills training, and addiction education. On-site amenities, such as a fitness center, might be available as well.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment programs provide care at a lower level than inpatient programs. These programs are best for those who have a mild to moderate addiction. Outpatient programs include group or individual therapy sessions. You only have to go to a facility to take part in these sessions a few times or more per week. Levels of care for outpatient programs range from traditional care to intensive care and day treatment programs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs have specialized care available to help those who have been struggling with an opioid or alcohol addiction. MAT programs offer a combination of medication and therapy. During this kind of program, you’ll take medication that helps relieve more serious withdrawal symptoms. Having behavioral therapy sessions helps you develop skills for recovering from one of these addictions.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services provide you with a source of ongoing support when you finish a treatment program. These services aren’t the same at all facilities, so you’ll need to check which types are available at the treatment center you go to. Aftercare services sometimes include recovery housing, employment assistance, or 12-step program options, community resources access, or recovery coaching.

Paying For Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Payment options for alcohol and drug rehab programs can range from private health insurance plans to customized payment plans. If you have insurance, look through your policy. You might be covered fully or partially for these services. Other rehab centers offer a sliding fee scale to help keep your costs down or a monthly payment plan with payment amounts that are based on your personal financial situation.

Substance Use Trends In Bryan And Brazos County, Texas

Brazos County has experienced some issues with drug and alcohol use over the last few years, including problems with methamphetamine addiction. Facts from Brazos County include:
  • Twenty percent of adults in Brazos County self-reported binge drinking in 2016.
  • In 2017, the opioid prescription rate in Brazos County was 47.9 per 100 population.
  • In 2018, the Sheriff’s Office in Brazos County reported 137 narcotics cases, and 34 of these involved the use of methamphetamine.

Vertava Health Texas In Scurry

Vertava Health Texas, which is around 160 miles from Bryan, offers various forms of addiction treatment. Our campus provides a safe and comfortable place for recovery with amenities such as walking trails and a fishing pond. We also have a number of rehab services to help you recover, including outdoor programs, behavioral therapy, yoga and other types of stress management, trauma grounding, and more. To find out what else is available at Vertava Health Texas contact us today.