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Aransas Pass, Texas Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options In Aransas Pass, Texas

To make sure that you enter an effective drug rehab program, look for a program that offers personalized treatment plans. These plans are created using an evaluation of your needs, which helps determine the specific kinds of services that would suit you best. Having an individualized treatment plan instead of a general one helps ensure that your needs are met throughout the recovery process.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

After you no longer use alcohol or drugs, your body and brain go through the withdrawal process, which can last for at least a few days. During this time, you might experience serious cravings and side effects. When you’re part of an alcohol or drug detox program that includes medical monitoring, you’ll be in a safe place for withdrawal. These inpatient and outpatient detox programs can help you prepare to begin a treatment program. [middle-callout]

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When you’re struggling to overcome severe addiction, residential or inpatient treatment programs are usually the best choice. These programs have you live in an inpatient facility that provides 24-hour supervision and comfortable, supportive surroundings. Doctors, therapists, social workers, and other professionals are on hand to provide you with treatment during your rehab program. These programs provide behavioral therapy, life skills training, stress reduction, addiction education, and more.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When you deal with a moderate or mild addiction, outpatient treatment might be the most suitable rehab option. Outpatient addiction treatment involves going to and from a rehab facility for behavioral therapy instead of living in a treatment center for several weeks. Whether you’re in a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, or traditional outpatient program, you’ll participate in these therapy sessions throughout the week as often as needed.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

When you have an addiction to alcohol or opioids, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) might offer the most effective kind of care. This kind of treatment program uses medication, such as vivitrol, to help reduce cravings and dependence. You’ll take part in behavioral therapy sessions.

Aftercare Services

After completing a rehab program, it’s helpful to have sources of ongoing support. Having this kind of support can make it easier for you to stay away from substances. Aftercare services, which some facilities offer, provide continuing support in different ways. You might have access to community resources, sober living housing, recovery coaching, and similar services, but keep in mind that they differ at each facility.

Paying For Alcohol And Drug Rehab

When you need to choose a way to pay for rehab services, you should look into your private health insurance first. Private health insurance plans sometimes offer partial or full coverage for alcohol or drug addiction rehab services. Consult your insurance provider to learn more.

Substance Use Trends In Aransas Pass And Aransas/Nueces/San Patricio Counties, Texas

Aransas, Nueces, and San Patricio Counties have had problems with alcohol and drug use over the past few years. Facts from these counties include:
  • In Aransas Pass, police seized 104 grams of prescription drugs, 17 grams of cocaine, and 183 grams of methamphetamine in 2019.
  • In 2018, police seized 1,544 grams of prescription drugs, 8 grams of cocaine, and 153 grams of methamphetamine.
  • In 2017, the opioid prescription in Aransas County was 83 per 100 individuals.
  • This rate was 81.7 in San Patricio County and 71.6 in Nueces County that year.
  • In 2017, there were 77 drug overdose deaths in Nueces County.

Vertava Health Texas

Vertava Health Texas, located around 375 miles from Aransas Pass, offers a number of treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction recovery. At our campus, we offer behavioral therapy, yoga, and other practices for stress management and pain reduction, outdoor therapy, and more. We also have amenities available on-site, including a fishing pond, walking trails, and a serene treehouse. For more information on Vertava Health Texas, contact us today.