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Alice, Texas Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options In Alice, Texas

The best way to address an addiction problem is through professional substance use treatment. Rehab centers in the Alice, Texas area, as well as some farther away like Vertava Health Texas, provide a range of treatment options. You’ll find programs that use holistic treatment, experiential therapies, individual counseling, peer support groups, and cognitive-behavioral therapies as you seek care.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Before starting addiction treatment in earnest, you must go through withdrawal. The strong cravings and physical symptoms that occur make this process difficult and potentially dangerous. A medically supervised detox program gets you through the process safely with medical intervention and supervision. Medications may also be available in some circumstances.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

After detox, many patients transition into inpatient addiction treatment, which is the most intensive option. By living at the treatment center, you benefit from 24-hour supervision and a community of support around you. Throughout the day you follow a structured schedule that takes you through a variety of therapies. In addition to behavioral therapies, inpatient treatment may also provide medication, art therapy, nature therapy, yoga therapy, and other experiential therapies for a well-rounded approach.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient care allows you to live at home and travel back and forth to the addiction treatment center. This requires both reliable transportation and strong support at home, but it can be an effective alternative to inpatient care. One type of outpatient therapy, intensive outpatient programs, requires more hours per week at the treatment center and provides care similar to inpatient treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Whether it stands on its own or is woven into an inpatient treatment program, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective way to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders. In a MAT program, you’ll attend behavioral therapy sessions as you take prescription medications. The addition of the medications helps reduce cravings and make withdrawal less difficult, which in turn makes the addiction treatment more effective.

Aftercare Services

Because addiction is a lifelong disorder, the need for support does not end when you finish therapy. Aftercare services, which are part of the best treatment programs, keep graduates of addiction treatment connected to support and community resources. Examples of aftercare services include peer support groups, sober living homes, 12-step meetings, recovery coaching, and other supportive services.

Paying For Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Drug rehab requires payment, and your private health insurance plan is the ideal starting point. Your health insurance has behavioral health coverage, which will pay for all or part of your treatment. If your out-of-pocket costs are high, consider asking the facility about payment plans.

Substance Use Trends In Alice And Jim Wells County, Texas

Alice is located in Jim Wells County, and this area has few drug-related deaths. However, local law enforcement reports many recent drug-related arrests, including:
  • In October 2019, an Alice drug raid led to the seizure of meth, cocaine, and drug distribution paraphernalia.
  • In March 2018, four people were arrested in a Jim Wells County drug bust that led to the seizure of 59 grams of synthetic marijuana, as well as weapons.
  • Over two weeks in August 2019, seven different drug arrests were made in Alice.
  • In spite of these arrests, 2017 led to no drug-related death reports in Jim Wells County.

Vertava Health Texas In Scurry

Vertava Health Texas is located about 400 miles from Alice. Our treatment center sits on a beautiful natural area with creeks and streams, and it has a low client-to-staff ratio. Individuals seeking treatment can focus on their healing with attentive staff that employs a variety of treatment methods to address addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. For more information, contact us today.