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Texas Molina Healthcare Drug Rehab Coverage

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  Though Molina Healthcare plans vary from plan to plan, most do provide coverage for drug rehab. Understanding your plan, what services are covered by it, and selecting a rehab that works with your coverage provider are some necessary first steps before going to rehab. The Texas STAR site states that Molina Healthcare plans cover, “most hospital care and outpatient mental health services. This includes substance use disorder treatments.” While outpatient services are covered for many mental health issues under Molina, residential services may be covered for substance use treatment. If you already have healthcare coverage under Molina, you’re starting out one step closer to entering rehab and reaching the point of recovery. Now, it’s a matter of getting there. That involves some attention to detail, including knowing the bounds of your coverage.

Molina Healthcare And Drug Rehab

Molina in Texas generally provides coverage for drug rehab. However, the amount of coverage or what’s required of you before receiving coverage can differ from plan to plan. Because Molina plans tend to cover residential services for addiction when deemed medically necessary, residential services (drug rehab) will usually be covered. But if you have a copay or coinsurance, you’ll want to know from the beginning what portion of rehab costs you need to cover. Drug rehab helps people accomplish quite a feat: overcoming substance use and/or managing mental health, focus on improving physical health and learning to improve stress management and mindfulness to help avoid relapse. As you might guess, this requires some work and that’s why rehab can get pricey. Luckily, most healthcare plans cover the majority of rehab—typically anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of your overall cost. That still means you would have to cover the remaining balance, or at least have a copay. Figuring out your portion of rehab costs, and getting a plan in place to cover those costs, can help ease financial stress in the long run.

What Treatment Services Are Covered By My Plan?

If you’re unsure which addiction services are covered under your plan, there are several ways to find out. You can always call your provider and someone should be able to tell you about your plan. You can also call one of our treatment specialists. With your permission, we’ll call your provider for you, get the details of your plan and go over it with you. We can also help you build a custom plan for treatment that addresses your unique needs. Once you know what your plan covers, and which rehab you’ll attend, you can begin making plans for rehab, including a payment plan if you need one. In addition, there are other details you’ll want to address before you head to rehab. [middle-callout]

Important Details To Cover Before Going To Rehab

The majority of healthcare coverage plans now cover treatment services for addiction, per changes to federal laws that govern healthcare coverage. This is perhaps why many plans now require that treatment for addiction be deemed medically necessary before they cover it. What does this mean? If something is medically necessary to treat, then your health and well-being demand treatment. This can be determined through an initial clinical assessment by your healthcare provider. Perhaps you already know what’s covered by your plan, your treatment has already been deemed medically necessary and you’re wondering if there is anything else you need to do before going to rehab. Some coverage providers require that you certify with them before heading to treatment. This may be just a conversation you have with them or sending documentation that shows your medical need for addiction treatment. Whatever is needed, we can help you find out when we talk to your provider.

Selecting A Rehab: The Inpatient Difference

After you know the details of your plan, know the amount of coverage you’ll have for rehab and what you need to do before you go, you can begin selecting a place to attend rehab. Yet you might be wondering if you really need to go away for treatment. So, why inpatient treatment (drug rehab) instead of counseling close to home? While outpatient services may work for some individuals, drug rehab can be the better option for people who have suffered with addiction for some time, who need the healing environment of a private rehab or who need round-the-clock care. Even if your healing needs don’t fall into one of these groups, you can, and likely will, benefit from inpatient treatment.   Attending rehab takes you away from home, and any surrounding triggers that may be contributing to your substance use. Triggers of use can affect you more than you know. To fully heal and truly commit to recovery, it’s important to give yourself the greatest chance at recovery success. That chance can be found at drug rehab.

Is There A Difference Between Public And Private Rehab?

In your search for rehab, you may have found that there are two types: public and private. Vertava Health Texas is a private rehab establishment, and this makes a difference in our quality of care, the services we offer and the staff and clinicians who fill our facilities. We understand that addiction recovery has no one-size-fits-all method. Instead, treatment programs will be different from person to person. The following are evidence-based treatment modalities we utilize to aid you in healing all aspects of your health for a holistic approach:
  • Counseling: group, family and individual
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Adventure therapy
  • Medically supervised detoxification
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Mindfulness and stress management techniques
  • Physical fitness and nutritional guidance
  • Aftercare support
At Vertava Health Texas, you’ll also find a superb quality of care from staff and clinicians alike. A major component of successful recovery is a supportive network to help you find and retain your strength and self-confidence. The beginning of that network starts here, at drug rehab.

Recover In Texas Today

If you’re ready for drug rehab, but need help figuring out the details, we can help. Call one of our specialists today to learn more about your Molina Healthcare plan, drug rehab and to build a treatment program that’s right for you. Your call will be confidential, and we can connect you with all the resources you’ll need to find success in recovery. Contact us today.