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Texas Humana Drug Rehab Coverage

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  In general, Humana insurance plans in Texas provide coverage for drug rehab. However, knowing exactly what addiction treatment services are covered under your plan is a great starting point when entering rehab. Finding out which services are covered, estimating what you’ll pay out of pocket and researching the best rehabs that accept your plan are all things you’ll have to check off your to-do list before you enter a treatment program. There are other things you’ll need to complete as well, like receiving an assessment to determine any and all health needs, deciding on a treatment program and building one and finding the best rehab for your addiction issues. Yes, when entering rehab, there is a lot to consider and a lot to decide. If you already have a Humana health plan, though, the most you need to do right away is find out what’s covered by your plan. There are ways you can get help with both finding and understanding these pertinent details.

Do Texas Humana Plans Cover Drug Rehab?

Humana currently offers plans in 15 states, including Texas. As previously mentioned, most Humana plans do provide coverage for addiction treatment. What varies is the amount of coverage and the services covered. For example, many health plans cover the majority of inpatient stays, which means after insurance your coinsurance or copays can amount to 20 to 40 percent of the overall cost. Some plans don’t provide coverage for outpatient stays at all, while many plans will only cover addiction treatment if it’s deemed medically necessary. That means you may have to be medically assessed before heading to treatment, and have the assessment documented with your coverage provider. Whatever the case, you can easily find out what services you can receive under your plan, and what you need to do to enter treatment, when you call a specialist at Vertava Health Texas.

What Will My Humana Plan Cover?

To find out the specifics of your plan, you can call your provider, research it yourself or you can outsource. We provide access to specialists who can help you with this very thing. With your permission, our specialists can contact your provider, get the details of your plan and go over it with you making sure you understand. Knowing the boundaries of your plan is an important first step in entering treatment. It may come as no secret that, even with insurance, you may still have a balance left to pay for rehab. Treating addiction can be an extensive task. Even still, understanding your coverage and estimating what you’ll need to pay means you won’t have a shock when the bill comes. Finding out what’s covered by your plan, where your plan is accepted and what services you’ll need are all factors that will affect your decision on where to enter rehab.

What Do I Need To Do Before Heading To Rehab?

So much planning goes into preparing for drug rehab. From understanding insurance, to making sure you’ve completed everything that’s required of you for insurance, to researching treatment options, rehab is not a light or singular decision. Many insurance providers require that you register with them before entering treatment. This can be easier than it sounds, but is necessary. If you don’t register, you risk not being covered at all. We can help you figure out exactly what you need to do to secure coverage from your plan. [middle-callout] As previously mentioned, some providers will only cover addiction treatment services if they’re deemed medically necessary, so it may be a good idea to see your primary care provider first. However, this is also something you can find out from your provider or confirm with a specialist. You should also learn exactly what services you’ll need in treatment. This will be decided based on your clinical assessment and when you discuss a program with your rehab of choice. We understands that before you can decide on a course of treatment, you need a full assessment. Once you determine all your treatment needs—mental, physical and other—you can learn what modalities may best fit those needs. Together, we can build a custom plan that is tailored to you. We utilize a number of methods backed by research and proven effective. Some of these include:

Is Inpatient Rehab Necessary?

If you’re questioning whether you need inpatient rehab or just some counseling, consider the following: people who get in treatment, and see it through, are more likely to see effective outcomes long-term. In other words, if you complete treatment you will likely see less or no substance use, decrease in criminal activity and more. More than that, inpatient rehab goes beyond treating your physical and mental symptoms. It focuses on every aspect of well-being, such as behavioral changes, thought processes, skills, managing stress and rebuilding positive self-image and self-confidence. Each of these components are key to managing addiction. Like many other chronic diseases, addiction will require careful management and diligence. In the right rehab, you’ll learn the techniques for managing addiction, the skills to avoid and prevent relapse and how to live a fulfilling life that keeps you away from the pull of substance use. How does a rehab accomplish all of this? With excellent quality of care. Staff and clinicians alike must be experienced, licensed and have a passion for helping people overcome addiction and all aspects of health affected by it. At Vertava Health Texas, our staff are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Is Public Rehab The Same As Private?

Public and private rehabs work toward similar goals, but private rehab can provide you with opportunities you may not find elsewhere. In your search for the right rehab, you should always consider how many people are treated per clinician; in private rehab this number is often less. With clinicians attending to fewer attendees, the clinicians can really focus on each individual’s health, well-being and giving them the best resources to reach treatment goals. The same is true for the staff you’ll see every day. Having more staff and less attendees means you’ll get to connect with and know the people who are caring for and supporting you. Strong networks are important to recovery success, and the first network you’ll find is in your staff and peers at drug rehab.

Find Treatment That’s Right For You

If you need information about your plan, or if you’re considering drug rehab in Texas, or even just want to learn more about addiction treatment, we can help. At Vertava Health Texas, our number one goal is guiding individuals into recovery success. Contact us today to learn more, or call 877-318-2084.