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Heroin is intensely addictive, leading users to quickly form a tolerance and dependence. When patterns of drug use include compulsive use despite known harms and growing damage to an individual’s life, addiction has taken hold. Treating heroin addiction is no small task, yet with the proper modalities and compassionate support a person can transition to a sober and healthy life. At Vertava Health Texas, we offer detox, medication-assisted therapies and a variety of behavioral therapies to address your unique treatment needs.

The key to a solid recovery is a holistic plan which is tailored for your life. This multifaceted approach includes detox, a solid treatment plan, a relapse prevention plan, aftercare outreach and support and well-established financial, social and personal goals. Together these things protect your sobriety and build a stronger, drug-free future. Join Vertava Health Texas, so we can help you integrate these elements into a new and sober life.

The Changing Face Of Heroin

In decades past, what your average American knew about heroin was largely what they saw through the lens of entertainment. Even then, these portrayals were largely sensationalized, or, if accurate portrayals of heroin’s devastation, watered down. In today’s society, all across America, more and more people are faced with the harsh reality of heroin abuse and addiction. This illicit drug is no longer found within the shadows. Instead, new research finds that it’s increasingly being used by young, rural and suburban whites, and in greater numbers within individuals of all social classes.

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Why Do People Abuse Heroin?

Synthesized from morphine, and derived from the opium poppy, heroin is a natural opiate drug. But don’t let its natural origins deceive you. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs America faces today. Heroin is so addictive, in fact, that some users become hooked or overdose after only one use, as cautioned by the Center for Substance Abuse Research. How does heroin exert such a potent impact?

As an opioid, heroin is uniquely designed to impact your brain in a manner which quickly accelerates abuse to addiction. Your body and brain contain opioid receptor sites for your body’s naturally occurring opioids. These receptor sites attract any type of opioid, not just the ones our body produces on its own. An opioid drug’s chemical components create a lock and key effect on these sites in your brain and spine.

This action turns on or inhibits certain critical functions within your body and brain, such as those which lead to pain relief and/or intense feelings of reward and pleasure. The latter effects create a high or euphoric state which recreational drug abusers seek when they use heroin.

How Can Heroin Destroy Your Life?

Despite the feel-good effects of this drug, there is nothing beneficial that heroin can do for you. Any pleasure you get from heroin is fleeting. Over time, heroin abuse will only bring you pain, while destroying, or even ending, your life. Regardless of how you choose to administer this drug, heroin is addictive and highly dangerous. When recreational drug users seek heroin’s euphoric effects, they are also exposing themselves to a host of risks, including:

  • Abscesses and soft-tissue infections
  • Brain damage
  • Cardiac complications
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Infectious disease
  • Pneumonia
  • Sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalances
  • Vein damage and infection
  • Overdose
  • Respiratory failure
  • Coma
  • Death

Repeated heroin abuse decreases your body’s ability to produce its own opioids, so instead, your system becomes dependent on the heroin to function. Frequent use can also lead to a tolerance, that is, a person needs to use more heroin in order to feel normal or to elicit a high.

What Is A Medical Detox?

In the sudden absence of heroin your body no longer knows how to function normally. As your body struggles to adjust to this chemical change withdrawal symptoms surface. These include anxiety, chills, extreme cravings, insomnia, muscle and bone pain and restlessness, among others.

Heroin withdrawal can reach painful and intolerable levels without the proper medical interventions. Further, without the support of a treatment program, individuals are far more likely to relapse and use heroin again as a way to alleviate intense cravings or symptoms of withdrawal.

Our medical detox alleviates and/or reduces these symptoms, so that you or your loved one can progress safely and comfortably through detox. To achieve this, we utilize buprenorphine, an evidenced-based pharmacotherapy (medication). A buprenorphine taper reduces cravings and symptoms of withdrawal.

Buprenorphine therapy will be enhanced by counseling and other medical and/or nutritional supports to ensure that each person’s physical, mental and emotional states are comprehensively and compassionately cared for. To create the greatest opportunity for lasting sobriety, you will progress into our individualized treatment program after you successfully complete detox.

Individualized Heroin Treatment at Vertava Health Texas

Just because two people suffer from a heroin addiction doesn’t mean that their addiction or treatment will be the same. An addiction grows from a diverse combination of risk factors and influences which are unique to each individual’s life. For this reason, we adapt each treatment plan to our client’s individual journeys. This individualized approach grants you or your loved one the highest chance of success, both within treatment and after.

During your program, your therapeutic sessions will be conducted both in an individual and group setting. This combination grants you access to peer support and bonding, while also allowing you to develop enhanced methods of self-care, coping skills and interpersonal communication.

Our Holistic Treatment Program

Vertava Health Texas, formerly The Treehouse Rehab, doesn’t just treat the physical heroin addiction. Instead, we treat the underlying social, behavioral and emotional components of the addictive state. To do this, we offer a variety of dynamic and person-centric modalities to help you grow and flourish, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Medication-assisted therapies (MAT)
  • Mindfulness and stress management practices
  • Adventure therapy
  • Recreational and art therapies
  • Family therapy and support

Together, these modalities will help you to uproot the harmful thoughts, emotions and behaviors which contributed to your addiction. By mindfully removing the negative states created by addiction and rebuilding positive ones in their place, you’re protecting and investing in your health, sobriety and future.

Outstanding Dual Diagnosis Care

For many, addiction isn’t a stand-alone disorder. A large percentage of Americans who struggle with addiction also suffer from a mental illness or experienced trauma. When this occurs with addiction, it’s referred to as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Examples include anxiety, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Co-occurring disorders can be deeply imbedded in the landscape of addiction. Most people who suffer from a dual diagnosis turned to substance abuse as a way to cope with their mental health concerns or traumatic experiences. If your dual diagnosis isn’t treated, the potential for relapse is high. Left untreated, co-occurring disorders act as triggers, often drawing an individual back into substance abuse as they attempt to numb the untreated symptoms of their illness.

Our inpatient drug rehab program for heroin addiction can give you or your loved one a phenomenal opportunity to take back control of your life.

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