Skyline of Texas BuildingsWhile often used recreationally for its stimulant effects and euphoric high, recreational use of cocaine can quickly lead to addiction, and the negative consequences that follow can destroy a person’s life. Long-term cocaine abuse can not only lead to a variety of physical health problems but could also impact someone’s finances, relationships, and mental health.

Because of its addictive quality, quitting on your own can be challenging, but our Texas cocaine addiction treatment programs help people stop for good.

Our Texas Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

At Vertava Health Texas, we believe that every patient is unique, and cookie-cutter care won’t cut it when it comes to lasting recovery. Instead, we like to get to know our patients and use measurement-based tools to guide recovery.

Through these assessments and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines, we are able to create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that can be updated to follow the patient’s progress throughout their cocaine abuse treatment program. During their time with us, patients will also work with a team of experienced addiction professionals with various skillsets to ensure that they are receiving care that covers all their needs.

Cocaine Detox

Depending on the severity and the nature of the abuse, a medical drug detox may be recommended to safely wean a patient’s body off of cocaine and other drugs. This process is especially common in the case of polysubstance abuse with opioids or alcohol as suddenly stopping the use of these substances can be dangerous.

Although detoxing from cocaine alone may not have as many medical risks, our cocaine detox center can help make quitting cocaine both easier and more successful. Experienced team members are onsite to monitor patients throughout the process and may prescribe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Because we are able to offer support for both the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal, our safe and controlled environment also increases a patient’s chances of successfully completing a cocaine detox compared to trying to do it on their own.

Cocaine Rehab

Because cocaine abuse and addiction can quickly spiral out of control and negatively affect various areas of someone’s life, cocaine addiction rehabilitation should look at cocaine abuse as more than a chemical dependency.

Our Texas cocaine treatment center removes people from the triggers and places that may be perpetuating their addiction and instead, places them in a safe and supportive environment. Patients in our residential treatment program will participate in a comprehensive schedule of programming in both group and individual settings. These programs give patients the skills they need to prepare for life outside of rehab and find lasting recovery.

Some of our cocaine addiction treatment methods and curriculum include:

  • Support groups
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Treatment modalities
  • Education about substance abuse
  • Relapse prevention skill-building
  • Outdoor-based activities
  • Recovery enhancement activities
  • Family therapy
  • Co-occurring disorder care

This extensive list of programming includes both evidence-based services as well as secondary programming to help patients become more well-rounded and heal as a whole.

If you are using cocaine or know someone who is, the time is now to get help. Stop waiting and reach out to our care team today. Our Texas cocaine addiction treatment center helps people quit cocaine and get their life back. You could be next.