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Although legal in the United States for people over the age of 21, alcohol can be addictive, and alcohol use disorders range widely from mild to severe. Because many people drink socially, it can be hard to know what is considered alcohol abuse and what is acceptable, but if you believe you or someone you love is struggling it is important to get help for alcohol abuse immediately.

Our Texas Alcohol Treatment Programs

At Vertava Health Texas, we are an alcohol rehab center in Texas that helps people safely begin their journey to sobriety and start building a foundation for lasting recovery.

Following the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria, our programs revolve around proven treatment methods and are led by licensed and experienced professionals in the addiction field. Because everyone’s battle with alcohol is unique, each patient will also follow their own path to sobriety with a personalized treatment plan. These unique alcohol treatment plans are created with the help of measurement-based assessment tools and are adjusted throughout the patient’s program in accordance with their regular check-ins and progress. Programming can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on the needs of the patient.

Medical Alcohol Detox

Many people will begin their alcohol abuse treatment with detox. Because an alcohol detox can be dangerous and in some cases, even life-threatening, our patients go through this process under the supervision of medical personnel.

These team members are there to monitor the patient’s vitals and withdrawal symptoms while also providing emotional support. In many cases, the patient’s in our alcohol detox program will also undergo medication-assisted treatment and be prescribed certain medications that can aid in the alcohol detox process.

Alcohol Rehab Programming

Part of alcohol recovery is learning to live without relying on alcohol. Our Texas alcohol treatment center provides patients with a safe and stable environment away from triggers to face their demons and learn skills needed to find lasting sobriety.

Working with licensed and skilled professionals, patients in our residential treatment program will live onsite at our facility and participate in a diverse and extensive schedule of daily programming including:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Treatment modalities
  • Substance abuse education
  • Wilderness and outdoor activities
  • Family therapy if appropriate

Because alcohol abuse can cause widespread damage to someone’s life, our alcohol addiction treatment in Texas combines evidence-based care with supplementary programming to help patients make strides forward in various areas of their lives before transitioning to a lower level of care.

For those struggling with comorbid mental health symptoms, we also offer co-occurring disorder treatment that address these mental health concerns during treatment as well as their connection to the patient’s alcohol abuse. This approach to alcohol addiction treatment helps people understand why they drink and learn other ways of coping besides turning to alcohol.

Alcohol misuse and abuse can have serious long-term consequences to a person’s physical health, mental well-being, and future. If you or someone you care about needs an alcoholism treatment program, do not wait to get help. We are waiting to help. Contact us today.