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Employee Assistance Programs For Alcohol Use

When people are asked about their biggest stressors, work often tops the list. Many people turn to alcohol as a way to escape the challenges they encounter at work. While some people can drink in moderation, an estimated 16 million American adults struggle with alcohol use. EAPs allow employers to support employees who struggle with alcohol use and addiction. By providing referrals for behavioral health services and addiction treatment, EAPs connect workers to effective treatment options. If someone in your company is battling alcohol use, they may be able to access treatment through an Employee Assistance Program. Rehab facilities like Vertava Health Texas offer customized treatment tracks for professionals who struggle with alcohol use.

Can EAPs Help Companies Address Alcohol Use?

Yes. EAPs are employer-sponsored services that aim to help workers address their struggles with alcohol, while maintaining their employment. If you are concerned that an employee is dealing with alcohol use, you may want to encourage them to seek treatment through their EAP. The goal of an EAP is to ensure employees have access to the care they need, whether that be mental health counseling or formal addiction treatment. [inline_cta_one] EAPs also benefit the company, as they are designed to empower employees and enhance work performance. When an employee enrolls in treatment through an EAP, they are more likely to maintain employment throughout the recovery process. Once treatment has been completed successfully, many employees return to work and are able to function as valuable members of the team.

What Services Do Employee Assistance Programs Provide?

In addition to helping employees treat their alcohol use, EAPs can help employees address any underlying causes of addiction. Your company’s EAP may offer services including counseling, therapy, or support groups. Depending on your company policy, EAPs may offer referrals for the following services:

  • alcohol use
  • drug addiction
  • mental health conditions
  • co-occurring disorders
  • grief counseling
  • stress management
  • marriage therapy
  • support groups
  • legal assistance

The details of these services will differ, based on your company’s policy. In some cases, EAP services may also be available to the employee’s spouse, children, or domestic partner.

How Do I Verify EAP Services With My Employer?

Questions about your EAP can be directed to your company’s Human Resources department. If your company has an employee handbook, you may also find valuable information there. Due to the sensitive nature of EAP services, inquiries about treatment should be kept confidential. Remember, the goal of an EAP is two-fold: to help employees overcome their personal difficulties and to assist them in maintaining employment.

Why Do Employers Offer EAPs?

Employers offer EAPs to support their workers and promote company wellness. When employers take an active role in employee well-being, it can positively impact the company’s overall success. If an employer is concerned that alcohol has become a problem for an employee, a supportive intervention can be very powerful. When an employer encourages a person to seek help, the employee is more likely to complete a treatment program. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that treatment does not need to be voluntary to be effective. This means that recovery is possible, even when a person is resistant to treatment. The best way to treat alcohol use is with the support of an inpatient (residential) rehab center.

Finding A Treatment Center Through An Employee Assistance Program

Research shows that when employers encourage their workers to seek help, it significantly increases the likelihood of treatment entry, as well as rates of completion. Vertava Health Texas is an inpatient treatment center located outside of Dallas, Texas. At Vertava Health Texas, we work with EAPs to ensure employees get the help they deserve. Our compassionate treatment staff provides customized care to professionals who struggle with alcohol use. Our inpatient rehab center offers a blend of traditional counseling and recreational therapies, including adventure- and wilderness-based approaches. Located on a secluded, tranquil property, Vertava Health Texas helps professionals rebuild their lives in recovery. For more information about employee assistance programs for alcohol use, or to learn more about Vertava Health Texas, contact one of our treatment specialists today.