Data indicates that alcohol use has increased all over the country, with sales increasing by 55 percent compared to this time last year. However, the worst increases in alcohol use may be in the state of Texas.

Alcohol misuse often leads to addiction, especially when combined with stress and social isolation. For this reason, it’s important for Texans to be able to recognize the signs of addiction and seek help if they need it.

Signs Of Addiction

The signs of addiction can be subtle. However, these signs indicate that a substance use disorder may be developing. Some of the most common signs of addiction include:

  • consuming greater amounts of drugs or alcohol in order to achieve the same effect
  • hiding alcohol or drug consumption
  • loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • finding excuses to drink or use drugs, such as the need to relax or fit in
  • mood swings or behavioral changes
  • becoming distant from friends and family members
  • choosing drugs or alcohol over responsibilities, such as work.

Someone struggling with a developing addiction often feels guilty and/or concerned about the amount of drugs or alcohol they consume. However, they may still be reluctant to admit they have a problem and get the professional help they need.

Why Professional Treatment?

Over time, substance use disorders tend to get worse, leading to more physical and psychological complications. In addition, the longer the addiction exists, the harder it is to break free.

For this reason, anyone experiencing the signs of addiction needs to begin their journey to recovery as soon as possible.

In a professional alcohol treatment program, patients receive the support they need to understand and overcome their disorders. The best treatment programs include a variety of activities designed to address individual needs and facilitate recovery, like alcoholic rehab.

Unfortunately, many people in need of substance use disorder treatment will not seek or receive professional help.

According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 21.2 million people over the age of 12 needed substance use treatment during 2018. This amounts to approximately 1 in every 13 people in this age group.

However, during 2018, only 3.7 million people received substance abuse treatment, leaving 17.5 million people struggling with addiction on their own.

There Is Strength In Asking For Help

Anyone can develop an addiction. It happens to people of all races, backgrounds, education levels, and socioeconomic statuses. It does not indicate that someone is weak or deficient. However, the development of an addiction likely requires professional treatment.

As someone with a substance use disorder, you may see asking for help as a weakness. However, in reality, it is the exact opposite.

Admitting that a problem exists and that you cannot handle it on your own requires strength and maturity. In addition, getting professional help is often the only way to get your life back on the right track.

If you have noticed the signs of an addiction in yourself or someone you love during the COVID-19 crisis, the time to ask for help is now.

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