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Life Skills Training

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Many people develop the life skills they need to cope with life’s day-to-day stresses as they grow up. Those in an unhealthy environment can miss out on the natural development of these skills, leaving them unprepared to deal with their harmful thoughts and emotions. A life skills training program teaches men and women the necessary coping skills they need if addiction is disrupting their lives. Patients will participate in various addiction treatment therapy programs that will greatly improve their chances of leading healthy and productive lives.

At Vertava Health Texas, our life skills training program is very beneficial in helping people gain the skills they need to cope with their emotions and reach their recovery goals. Therapists and medical staff will perform a complete evaluation to determine which addiction treatment plan is best for your unique symptoms and the severity of your addiction. Contact us online or call 844.311.8395 today to speak with an expert about our addiction treatment therapy programs.

Life Skills Training Program for Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a mental health disorder that negatively affects the development of those who begin their substance abuse early in life. Studies show that children as young as ten or eleven are trying drugs and alcohol for the first time. If they continue this use, it will seriously affect their physical and mental development.


One of the most significant contributors to addiction is an inability to handle negative thoughts and emotions properly. Those who grow up not talking about their feelings will inevitably turn to drugs and alcohol when things become too stressful because they do not have the life skills they need to cope with their feelings. This will also negatively impact their self-esteem and decision-making capabilities as they feel less confident about their abilities.

At Vertava Health Texas, our life skills training program in Texas gives people a chance to develop the life skills they are missing so they can lead healthy and productive lives. We evaluate each person to get to know their unique needs to create a more effective addiction treatment program that focuses on the skills they need the most.

What You Learn in Our Life Skills Training Program in Texas

Addiction is a mental health disorder that can seriously impact your life. Fortunately, there are several programs available at Vertava Health Texas to help those who want a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Some of the skills you can develop through our life skills training program in Texas include:

  • Learn new health habits and routines – Therapists will work with patients to develop healthy coping skills and routines to replace their harmful habits. This can be anything from self-care, time management, journaling, and much more.
  • Personal hygiene – Those struggling with addiction often neglect their personal hygiene or never develop these skills. Patients will work on new skills such as eating nutritious meals and starting an exercise routine.
  • Emotional control – Therapists will help patients identify the negative thoughts and emotions that trigger their substance abuse and create coping skills to manage their feelings better.
  • Social and relationship skills – Patients will practice socializing and relationship skills during group therapy among their peers. Therapists will monitor their interactions and make notes of any troubling behavior.
  • Goal setting – Patients will learn how to set goals to keep track of and improve their recovery process. Goal setting is very beneficial in helping patients maintain their recovery and create a better, more productive life.

Explore Vertava Health’s Life Skills Training Program in Texas

At Vertava Health Texas, we support men and women who are ready to gain crucial life skills. If you would like more information about our life skills training in Texas, call Vertava Health at 844.311.8395 or complete our online contact form.