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EMDR Therapy

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There are several different types of therapies that can help with addiction and other mental health disorders. EMDR therapy in Texas is a form of visual therapy that is very beneficial in helping men and women struggling with addiction due to a past trauma. EMDR therapy is just one of the available addiction treatment therapy programs available to help those who are ready to accept help with their treatable condition. At Vertava Health Texas, we provide people with compassionate and effective care through our EMDR therapy program in Texas. We base our addiction treatment therapy programs on our patient’s symptoms and causes of addiction while teaching them coping skills to reach their sober goals. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and ready for a fundamental change, call 844.311.8395 today for more information about EMDR therapy in Texas.

How Can an EMDR Therapy Program Help with Addiction?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR, is a new therapy technique that is proving to be very effective in helping patients who form an addiction due to a traumatic event. It reduces negative thoughts and behaviors while reducing the risk of relapsing when combined with other forms of behavioral therapy. pieces-of-wood-with-emdr-therapy-in-texas Therapists work with patients while they talk about the past trauma affecting them while using visual cues to distract them while talking. The theory is that creating a visual distraction while focusing on the past trauma will train the brain to stop associating those feelings with the trauma. EMDR therapy has shown to be very promising in helping patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, panic disorders, and addiction. At Vertava Health Texas, we employ a wide range of therapy options, including EMDR therapy for patients who struggle with PTSD or other trauma. We provide a well-rounded addiction treatment program that combines behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment for a more effective and long-lasting recovery.

What to Expect From EMDR Therapy at Vertava Health Texas

At Vertava Health, our EMDR therapy in Texas is a relatively new practice showing great promise in treating patients with trauma-induced mental health disorders. Patients will participate in our EMDR therapy in Texas once or twice a week for six to twelve sessions. EMDR therapy consists of eight phases, which are:
  • Creating a treatment plan – Therapists uncover the trauma the patient is dealing with and begin creating a treatment plan.
  • Building trust – Patient and therapist build rapport and trust to promote open and honest communication.
  • Assessment – The therapist will assess the patient’s negative thoughts and the physical sensation they create. They then use different visual cues to create a different physical sensation to try and create new feelings when thinking about the trauma.
  • Desensitization – Patients focus on their negative emotions while the therapist guides them through different visual stimulations.
  • Installation – Therapists help patients focus on positive thoughts to replace negative ones.
  • Body scan – Therapists will repeat phases 3-5 until the patient does not experience any tension or stress while discussing the past trauma.
  • Closure – At the end of each session, the therapist will ensure the patient is making forward progress and discuss any lingering negativity.
  • Reevaluation – The therapist will focus on any remaining tension in each consecutive session.

See Why Vertava Health Is a Resource for EMDR Therapy in Texas

At Vertava Health, we support those struggling with addiction caused by trauma through our EMDR therapy program near Dallas, TX. We help patients focus on the trauma and create coping skills to manage their feelings and emotions instead of hiding from them through drugs and alcohol. Our team offers several types of proven therapy techniques to benefit our patient’s recovery in our EMDR training in Texas. For more information about our EMDR therapy program in Texas, reach out to Vertava Health online or at 844.311.8395.