Here are 10 great ideas to manage stress and relax around Dallas-Fort Worth this weekend:

1. Disc Golf

Disc golf is an awesome low-intensity way to get outdoors. Play solo or with a small group of friends and you’ll feel the stress melt away.

Harry Myers Disc Golf Course is a local favorite, and the Audubon Disc Golf Course and the Greenbelt Disc Golf Course are also worth checking out.

If none of those are near you, here’s a list of quite a few disc golf courses in the DFW metro.

2. Hammock By The Lake

There’s just about nothing more relaxing than taking a nap in a hammock by the water. While the ocean is far, far away from here, you can still set up camp lakeside at any number of lakes in the area.

Take a good book or two as well: maybe one fiction and one that will help you learn something new (self-improvement is another great mental health tool).

3. Breathe Deep While Exploring A Nature Trail

Getting out into nature does wonders for the mind and soul. One of the great things about living in Dallas-Fort Worth is that you don’t even have to leave the metro to find a peaceful natural escape.

Cedar Ridge Preserve is a highly rated 600-acre preserve that lets you explore natural Texas hill country across nine miles of hiking trails. Oak Cliff Nature Preserve offers wildflower meadows and hike/bike trails, if that’s more your speed.

4. Go Fly A Kite

Most of us haven’t flown a kite since we were kids, but we have to wonder: why did we stop? Flying a kite can be a tremendously relaxing experience, one that takes just the right amount of effort and finesse but leads to a satisfying conclusion.

Just about any public park with some green space will work. Pick up a kite at a local shop, or buy one on Amazon.

5. Explore A Farmers Market Or Two

The DFW metro has a ton of great farmer’s markets. Explore one or two this weekend and enjoy a mental and physical escape. Many vendors offer free samples, and you can mix things up by trying out something you’ve never eaten or cooked with before.

6. Pickleball

Another great way to clear your mind and shed some stress is to get some moderate physical exercise. That’s easy if you’re young and fit, but what about the rest of us?

Pickleball is a great low to moderate intensity alternative to tennis. It’s played on a smaller court and requires less extreme agility. If you’ve never tried it, call up a friend and head to a court this weekend. Learn more about this newish sport and find out about local courses here.

7. River Tubing

River tubing may remind you of lazy summers from years ago, but it’s just as fun and relaxing now as it was then. There are several great places to go tubing in our metro, including the Trinity River. Head out on Saturdays in late summer for Rockin’ the River and enjoy some great live music while you tube.

The Brazos River is another great tubing river for a gentle, relaxing tubing excursion, if you’re willing to drive a little ways out of town.

8. Go Birding

Birdwatching isn’t for everyone, but don’t knock it till you try it. It’s incredibly peaceful, and just the sort of thing many of us dealing with nagging stress could use right now.

The parks mentioned above and below are generally good spots for birding. Additional great locations for birding and learning about birding include the Trinity River Audubon Center and the Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center.

9. Dinosaur Hunting At Dinosaur Valley State Park

Not your typical state park experience, Dinosaur Valley State Park lets you explore where the dinosaurs used to roam. In the dry bed of the Paluxy River you’ll see authentic dinosaur footprints. You can walk up and down the ancient sauropod trackways.

You can also camp, hike, bike, swim, or just enjoy a picnic while you’re here.

10. Fishing Or Boating At Purtis Creek State Park

Last, on the opposite side of the metro from Dinosaur Valley, you can enjoy endless fishing and boating at Purtis Creek State Park. You’ll find a 355-acre lake famous for its bass fishing. If fishing isn’t your style, then swimming, canoeing, and camping are also great options here.

Wrapping Up

These 10 activities are great ways to relax and relieve stress that can help you focus on your mental health. But sometimes self-care isn’t enough. If you find yourself needing help restoring your mental health, Vertava Health Texas is here for you.